Int J Oral Maxillofac Surg. 1996 Dec;25(6):424-9.

Horseshoe Le Fort I osteotomy in combination with endosteal implants–a median-term follow-up study.

Watzinger F1, Ewers R, Millesi W, Kirsch A, Glaser C, Ackermann KL.
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Fourteen patients with Class VI resorption of the maxilla were treated with horseshoe Le Fort I osteotomy. In 11 cases, the procedure was followed by the placement of endosteal implants. In six patients, simultaneous placement of implants was carried out, while in five patients this was done in a second procedure. Ten patients wore their implant-supported dentures. In one patient, 5/8 implants were lost due to nonintegration. Three patients lost one implant each. The total number of implants placed was 76, and the survival rate of the implants was 88.1%. In the one-step procedure (n = 42), the survival rate was 84.8%; in the two-step procedure (n = 34), 92.3%. In comparison of the one-step to the two-step procedure, there was no statistically significant difference (P > 0.11) between the amount of marginal peri-implant bone loss and the condition of the peri-implant soft tissues as measured 2 years after implantation.